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Advance Passenger Information (API)

Heraklion, 02nd June 2010

Advance Passenger Information (API)

For security reasons most E.U. States (including GR & UK where it is known as e-Borders) and other countries now require airlines to provide details about their passengers before they travel. This is known as Advance Passenger Information (API or sometimes APIS). API is designed to enhance border security by providing Border Control Agencies with pre-arrival and departure manifest data n all passengers.

The information passengers provide is transmitted to the appropriate authorities by the Airlines before departure of the relevant flight with updates being provided through to the day and time of departure. It has been agreed that Greek Tour Operators & Travel Agents should be responsible for gathering the necessary information and passing it through to the Airlines on which they are booked to travel.

API requirements for all passengers

What is Advance Passenger Information?

Advance Passenger Information (API or sometimes called APIS) is information required by specific governments prior to travel. It is information taken from passenger’s travel document (passport or ID card) and the data will be sent to the appropriate countries’ government agencies by the airline on which they are travelling.

What information needs to be supplied?

Travel Agents & Tour Operators need to supply APIS information from their travel documents (usually passports) of the travelling passengers on the booking intend to use for travel to a destination. Please ensure that the travel document is valid for the destination (some countries require passports to be valid for a number of months beyond your scheduled date of return). The information required is:

• Full Name
• Gender
• Date of Birth
• Travel Document Type (Passport or ID Card)
• Travel Document Number
• Travel Document Country of Issue
• Travel Document Expiry Date
• Nationality

Once completed and confirmed the entry fields, we store it securely in our system until we are required to transmit the information to the appropriate airline on which you have booked travel electronically. We adhere to Greece and E.U. data protection laws and your information will only be sent to the airlines relevant to each booking and they will only use it for the purposes of forwarding it to the relevant Border Control and Security authorities. The data will not be used for any marketing purposes. Once transmitted the information will be retained in line with the various government API requirements and then destroyed, and will not be used for any other purpose.

What happens if you do not supply API?
All airlines are required to collect and transmit API data for those countries’ governments that legally require the provision of API data. Failure to supply API information could result in being denied boarding and not being able to travel.

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